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19.26 w/GST

7:30PM - 9:00PM




Resilience, defined as the ability of an individual to cope with and adapt positively to adversity, is essential for our wellbeing, success and happiness. The quality of our thoughts and emotions plays a pivotal role in our ability to develop and maintain resilience levels.

Boosting our optimism, cultivating positive emotions and practicing self-compassion will help us reframe events in a positive light and, when necessary, shift the focus to see opportunities in the fog.


This talk explores the qualities of an agile mindset and emotional wellbeing and provide practical strategies to increase our wellbeing.

Join us in this talk, where you will:

  1. Learn tips and techniques to build an adaptable and optimistic mindset

  2. Understand the importance of emotional wellbeing and the benefits of cultivating positive emotions

  3. Discover sustainable and applicable habits that can boost one’s sense of wellbeing immediately

The talk will be followed by the Course Preview of Positive Psychology programmes.

What is the course preview about?

This is an opportunity for anyone interested in TSPP’s courses to learn more about the course structure, career pathways and entry requirements.

After a presentation by our consultant, attendees will be able to participate in a Q&A session, and learn more about admissions procedures.

22 Apr 2021, Thu

7:30pm – 8:15pm – Talk + Preview: Develop Resilience & Positive Emotions for Success

8:15pm – 8:45pm – Course Preview: Positive Psychology programmes

8:45pm – 9:00pm – Q&A


The School of Positive Psychology

Stamford Court

61 Stamford Road #01-09

Singapore 178892

Refreshments will be provided during the event. Participants are also entitled to a complimentary Strengths Coaching Session on a selected date after the course preview.

Our Positive Psychology Courses

Become a wellbeing practitioner

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Harness the applied science of wellbeing


Learn from passionate and experienced lecturers


Limited class sizes for maximum engagement


Learn new skills adaptable to your unique context

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