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Learn what your realised and unrealised strengths are, and understand how you can better bring value to your world. 



7:30PM - 8:30PM




Being aware of your strengths and talents is essential for your well-being and performance. It enables you to tap into vital resources, and to be more intentional about how you approach challenges and grow. The Strengths work explores the energy, utilisation and possibilities within your resources and behaviours.


What are your Realised Strengths?

The strengths and behaviours that define you as a person, and what really makes you perform.


What are your Learned Behaviours?

The behaviours and beliefs that may drain your energy, but you still need them.


What are your Weaknesses?

The behaviours that you feel you are not good at, and you may need to develop or compensate for.


What are your Unrealised Strengths?

The hidden talents that are waiting to be utilised even more.

In this session, you will: 

  1. Understand your current strengths and areas of development.

  2. Be more confident, resilient and optimistic.

  3. Have greater clarity on how you can bring value to your world.

Get certified and 

accelerate your growth

With an addition of just $15, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Participation at the end of the course. 

With a certificate, you can: 

  1. Enhance your professional credibility

  2. Reward yourself for your commitment

  3. Get more networking opportunities

  4. Become a better mentor


Meet your trainer


Novosensus co-founder Henrik Kofod-Hansen spent more than 20 years creating, developing, and transforming companies and teams as a corporate executive and senior leader in Asia and Europe. During this time, he experienced the insufficiency of traditional company cultures, leadership, and development strategies—and decided to dedicate himself to utilizing the science and interventions within positive organizational psychology to enable better leadership and organizational thriving. 


Henrik holds a MSc of Applied Positive Psychology and advanced degrees in Organizational Psychology & Leadership, as-well as in Psychotherapy and Counseling. He is an experienced and trained Co-active® coach, and an Organizational Relationship Systems Coach®.

Positive Psychology Trainer & Coach, Organisational Psychology & Leadership Expert

Perks of online events

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Upgrade yourself in the comfort of your own home


Interact directly with trainers and participants


Small, limited class size for maximum engagement


Learn new skills adaptable to both home and work

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Live Q&A Session with the trainer after the session


FAQ for online events

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