Our Appreciative Inquiry Cards are a fantastic tool for introducing the AI to individuals, teams and organizations in the best way possible - by doing one! With explanations of the 5D’s, the 5 key principles of AI and 28 quote and image cards for use in the dream phase of an Appreciative Inquiry it’s everything you will need.


*Preorder now! Cards will be sent out by mid Decemeber 2020. 

Appreciative Inquiry Cards

  • Your pack of Appreciative Inquiry Cards contains:

    • 5 cards illustrating the 5D (Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Destiny) model of how to run an Appreciative Inquiry into a question, with questions to discuss at each stage

    • 5 cards explaining each of the principles behind the Appreciative Inquiry process

    • 28 quote cards with arresting images and quotes to use in the ‘Dream’ phase of an AI - the quotes on these cards are carefully selected to be true to the spirit of AI and they and the varied images really help spur participants to dream about possibilities for themselves, their team and their organisation.

    Each card introduces the idea with a few well-chosen words and a memorable strapline. On the reverse side are carefully composed questions to stimulate discussion and selected pointers for action. These are some of the recommendations we have received

  • These cards are perfect for management and leadership development, strategy development, executive coaching, performance or quality reviews and team development.

    Using these cards with teams or individuals introduces new ideas, stimulates discussion, encourages creative thinking and moves the conversation in new and unexpected directions.

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