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An essential resource for any practitioner of positive psychology, the Strengths Cards can be used in any coaching or training setting, in one-to-one or group work. With innovative exercises, the Strengths Cards always leave participants excited and eager to learn more.


Each and every one of the cards contains an innovative photo and the name of the strength on the front side as well as the questions that can be used to identify this strength, its descriptions and suggestions to both activate it and develop it further on the back.


With 50 strengths in the pack, the full scope of the current scientific knowledge about strengths is covered.



Strengths Cards

  • If I asked you to name your strengths, what would you answer? The majority of people are reluctant to talk about their strengths and many do not even know what they are. According to Professor Alex Linley (2008), “a strength is a pre-existing capacity for a particular way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is authentic and energising to the user, and enables optimal functioning, development and performance” The strengths concept is so central to positive psychology nowadays, that the knowledge and utilisation of one’s strengths is considered to be one of the most direct routes to personal and professional fulfilment.

    Research indicates that top achievers know their capabilities and set their goals slightly above their current level of performance, whereas low achievers are unaware of their abilities and often set unrealistically high goals. Essentially, top achievers build their personal lives and careers on their talents and strengths. They learn to recognise their talents and develop them further. They find the roles that suit them best and they create ways to apply their talents and strengths in their lives. As far as weaknesses are concerned, they manage rather than develop them.

    Research shows that simply identifying your strengths leads to higher well-being. Using your strengths at work leads to higher engagement and performance.

    The 50 strengths in the pack are a synthesis of all existing approaches to strengths classification and cover the full scope of our current scientific knowledge about strengths. As our Strengths Cards are available in multiple languages, please check the quantity and language selection carefully when ordering.

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