About What Colours Are You Feeling?


“Some days we are happy and some days sad. As long as you can express it, it will all be okay!”


"What Colours Are You Feeling?" is a book that uses colours to express emotions. It aims to help children build emotion literacy to express their feelings better. The book also has activities designed to help build hope, optimism and mindfulness to help regulate emotions through parent-child bonding activities.


In this book, kids are guided through a spectrum of emotions through bright, appealing colours and easy to understand activities. The pages have also thoughtfully conceived as parent-child bonding exercises so you can get to hear and understand your kids better by doing them together.


The book is illustrated by art teacher, Lim Mei Zi, who draws on her work with children and experience to create these heartfelt emotions in her artwork.


What Colours Are You Feeling?

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    Angela has 20 years of corporate experience in the APAC’s Media and Marketing industry where she horned her skills as a human-experience designer to business and life. Angela now takes her Design Thinking and leadership skills to deploy it fully to the area of learning and development. Armed with a Postgrad in Positive Psychology (PP), she merged PP concepts to Human-centered designs to apply it to Business, Leadership Communication and Well-being. She believes that the core of human-centric design is emotions, and we can use this knowledge to design a better life. Angela believes that she has found her Ikigai in this second coming of her career by moving from Design for Consumerism to Design for Growth and Well-being.

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