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Learn how to incorporate your unique strengths in your career journey.

Team Meeting


9:30AM - 12:30PM




Learn how to incorporate your unique strengths in your CV. This experiential and hands-on workshop will guide participants to map out their unique strengths blueprint, design a strength-development plan, and create clear strategies on how to approach employment opportunities through the strengths-approach lens.


Specifically, participants will learn how to use strengths in an interview process in order to increase levels of confidence, competence and positive energy. Throughout the workshop, individuals will gain a clear understanding of how they can use and apply their strengths across diverse contexts to expand their sphere of opportunities.


By identifying, labelling, accepting, and using our strengths wisely, we are more adaptable to change, proactive in new work environments and have higher levels of resilience.

When we harness our strengths on top of learned industry-specific skills, we not only gain more leverage in the workplace; we will also feel more engaged and confident at work.

In this session, you will: 

  1. Understand the strengths-approach

  2. Recognise how strengths have affected your career performance in the past

  3. Use and develop strengths for specific goals and objectives

  4. Know how to avoid overuse and underuse of strengths

  5. Create your own unique strengths narrative for interviews

  6. Learn how to incorporate strengths in your CV

Get certified and 

accelerate your growth

All our workshops will award you with a Certificate of Participation at the end of the course. 

With a certificate, you can: 

  1. Enhance your professional credibility

  2. Reward yourself for your commitment

  3. Get more networking opportunities

  4. Become a better mentor


Meet your trainer

Jana 2.jpeg

Facilitating wellbeing through better awareness, relationships, engagement and meaning is Jana’s passion. As a positive psychology practitioner, Jana Dawson is an advocate of a strengths-based approach in guiding individuals, organisations and communities towards flourishing. Her multidisciplinary background in theatre, communication, positive psychology, coaching and meditation has fashioned her expertise in developing and delivering programmes for culturally unique situations to create positive change.


Jana earned her Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology at the Anglia Ruskin University (UK) with a focus on Psychological Capital and Mindfulness. She holds a postgraduate diploma in Positive Organisational Psychology and Leadership by The School of Positive Psychology in Singapore, where she is currently a faculty member.


Jana’s philosophy is that our internal world is a powerful force in how we show up in the external world. To be fully engaged in all aspects of our lives, we have to train our mind, build positive relationships and follow our passion.

Programme Leader, Positive Psychology Trainer & Practitioner

Perks of online events

noun_home office_3372339.png

Upgrade yourself in the comfort of your own home


Interact directly with trainers and participants


Small, limited class size for maximum engagement


Learn new skills adaptable to both home and work

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Live Q&A Session with the trainer after the session


FAQ for online events

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